CRITERION 1: The pharmacist ensures that consumers can readily identify the online pharmacy and the services it provides

1. Clearly displays all details of the pharmacy, including:

  • name of the practice
  • street address
  • approval number
  • contact details
  • name(s) of the proprietor(s) and pharmacist manager(s)
  • service details, terms and conditions, and costs
  • delivery timelines
  • privacy and security declaration
  • date of the most recent update of website

2. Maintains a document outlining the online services the pharmacy provides, in both electronic and hard copy format

3. Provides the details of the online services available each time a product is dispatched or information about the services is requested

CRITERION 2: The pharmacist adheres to all ethical and professional requirements of the profession when establishing an internet pharmacy service

1. Ensures that there are no hyperlinks to promotional material on web pages containing clinical information on Pharmacist Only Medicines (with the exception of those listed in Appendix H of the Standard for the Uniform Scheduling of Drugs and Poisons), Prescription Only Medicines, and Controlled Drugs

2. Ensures that no claims and testimonials are posted on the website that are promotional and comparative in nature

CRITERION 3: The pharmacist ensures that a reliable and secure online pharmacy service is provided

1. Provides adequate electronic security to prevent access to consumers' electronic records by unauthorised personnel

2. Provides a privacy and security declaration on the website

3. Ensures that the information transferred to and from consumers via the internet is protected by:

  • encryption technology
  • user name and password access
  • written, legally binding agreement with third parties, such as webmasters, internet providers and contracted computer specialists


Bova understands the urgency when it comes to filling a prescription for a client. When Bova Aus is instructed by the veterinarian clinic to make direct contact with the animal’s owner for payment, any prescription that has been sent to Bova Aus (Via Online, email or fax) that hasn’t been paid for by the animal’s owner after a three month period will be put on hold and Bova Aus will no longer attempt to contact the owner for payment.