Bova’s Quality Assurance Program

With Bova Aus, you can have confi­dence that Veterinarians will receive the highest quality medications available to improve the clinical outcome for all their patients.

There are five areas where quality is core at Bova

  1. Ingredients: Due to our size, Bova has very strong buying powers in the world of veterinary active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and we know ingredients matter. We source our APIs from Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) licensed facilities, where, possible and all raw materials must follow documented internal specifications and are tested on arrival to confirm their specifications match.
  2. Expert Staff: We invest in our staff and provide ongoing training to ensure that they are comprehensively trained on our standard operating procedures (SOP’s) and test each individual staff member to ensure that they can reproduce each dosage form consistently.
  3. Quality Control: Our laboratories house state-of-the-art equipment that includes both sterile and cytotoxic suites. All lab equipment is validated to ensure it is fit for purpose and installation, operational, and performance qualifications are all performed. Regular NATA testing is performed done to ensure that the calibration of scales and weights is are accurate.
  4. End Product Testing: Bova has a unique system of testing for finished products, tailored to the unique regulations of a veterinary compounding pharmacy. Every Quality Assured product undergoes end product testing before final release by highly trained technicians. Each batch is end-product tested for potency and other specific parameters before being approved for dispensing.
  5. Stability Assurance: Our Quality Assured products follow APVMA guidelines and have been tested according to the European Medicines Agency’s “Guideline on Stability: Stability Testing of New Veterinary Drug Substances and Medicinal Products”. These guidelines are used to establish the stability testing protocol for each of our QA products and are accepted worldwide.