Bova Quality Assurance Program

Bova are continually striving to improve quality standards.

Bova have launched a Quality Assurance Program that is compliant with the AgVet Code and allows our most commonly requested formulations to be assessed for quality before they are dispensed to patients.

This process involves preparing certain medications in advance, a sample of this prepared medication will then be tested prior to being dispensed for quality assurance purposes. These formulations will also be tested for stability periodically to ensure that they are stable for the length of their shelf life. In order to supply medications from quality assured lines, Bova requires veterinarians to provide an instruction for that particular formulation.

An instruction is formal recognition by the veterinarian that they wish for Bova to quality assure the product they are planning on ordering so that it is available for dispensing in a timely manner and quality assured in advance of them sending a prescription.

An instruction is not an obligation by the veterinarian to purchase. A formal prescription is always required to purchase medication from Bova. However to purchase medication from Bova's Quality Assured lines a confirmed instruction is necessary prior to Bova dispensing the prescription.

Bova's Quality Assurance Program will ensure that Bova are providing the highest quality medication available to improve the clinical outcome for veterinarians and their patients in a timely manner.

How it Works

Bova have streamlined the Quality Assurance Program through the Bova Online Ordering System. For those vets who have a Bova Online Ordering Account, there will be a pop-up box that will appear when in the process of ordering a medication from a quality assured line (see picture). Once the instruction is confirmed the order will proceed.

If a vet does not have a Bova Online Ordering Account and Bova receives a script via fax or email then Bova will send an email with a link to confirm the instruction.

A copy of the confirmed instruction will be emailed to the veterinarian. If you have any questions concerning Bova's Quality Assured medications and instructions, or for a copy of the full terms and conditions please call 02 9525 3044 or send an email to

Download our Adverse Reaction document