Pet Owners

If your pet has been prescribed a custom medication, Bova can help make medicating your pet as easy as possible.


Why your veterinarian might prescribe a compounded medication

Compounded medications are prescribed when a veterinarian determines that the appropriate treatment is not otherwise available, or is not available in the strength, dosage form, flavour or package size the veterinarian suggests is necessary for treatment. 


Medication ordering process

When your veterinarian places a script with Bova, the medication is made to order and is generally sent  to the veterinary hospital within a few days. Ask your veterinarian when you should expect to receive your pet's medication. 


Flavoured medication

Bova has an extensive range of flavours to suit your pet's needs, please see the flavours tab on the left side of the menu. Alternatively, speak to your veterinarian about a flavour that would be most suitable for your pet.

Not all flavours are appropriate in every formulation. The Bova team can advise the prescribing veterinarian of a flavour which may be most appropriate for your pet's medication.


Transdermal medication

Transdermal preparations that are applied directly onto the animal's skin can be prepared for an array of medications. They can be provided in a multi-dose syringe or a ClickÚR'Dose applicator.

Please watch this instructional video to learn how to apply medication using the ClickÚR'Dose applicator. You can also download the instruction sheet from here


Medications no longer available

Drug manufacturers frequently discontinue the production of medications due to low demand. At other times these drugs may be temporarily out of stock. Bova can often fill the gap when it comes to discontinued or out of stock medications.