Nick Bova

Managing Director

Nick Bova is the Managing Director of Bova Aus, Bova UK and Head of Innovation and Strategy at Luoda Pharma. In 2010 the Australian retail pharmacy that Nick had worked in alongside is father, Colin Bova, separated and Bova Compounding which was founded in 2007 emerged as one of Australia’s first stand-alone compounding facilities. In 2017 Bova Compounding was rebranded to Bova Aus, when Nick launched a veterinary specials manufacturing business in the UK. Today, Bova Aus lead by Nick focusses solely on veterinary compounding and is the largest in the country, servicing thousands of veterinarians throughout Australia.

Outside of work Nick is an expert in martial arts and holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. His interests include fitness, travel and restaurants. Nick has always enjoyed having pets, from dogs and sometimes more than one at a time and he has a cat called Benjamin, which resides at the Bova family alpaca farm in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia.

Helping veterinarians to solve the many unmet treatment issues in veterinary medicine and providing novel treatment options and solutions to fit animal’s individual healthcare and welfare needs is what drives Nick at Bova Aus and in veterinary compounding in general.

Colin Bova


Colin is a Director of Bova Aus. Colin has been working for Bova Chemist for 50 years, ‘plus one or two years,’ in his own words. Colin first opened Bova Chemist in Cronulla in 1968, the chemist moved to Burwood after ten years and then settled in Caringbah after another ten years. Nick Bova worked alongside Colin for many years, before Bova Compounding separated from Bova Chemist in 2010. Colin now works for Bova Aus checking scripts as he has done for the past 50 plus years and working more hours than most at Bova Aus headquarters.

Colin most enjoys being with all the young people who make up the team at Bova Aus. Outside of work his passion is cycling, which he does almost every day. When not at work at Bova Aus, Colin enjoys spending time at the Bova family alpaca farm in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia with a cat called Benjamin, a dog called Baz and their many alpaca’s.

Asha Vasu

Pharmacist in Charge

Asha is the Pharmacist in Charge and advises on quality assurance at Bova Aus. Asha started working in the Bova retail pharmacy with Colin Bova in 2005 and moved to compounding in 2009.

Asha likes the challenge of making formulations for pets and animals who are suffering with conditions for which a medication is not available commercially. The best thing about working for Bova for Asha is the exceptional team spirit and friendly environment, so that ‘it doesn’t feel like work at all.’.

Outside of work Asha enjoys spending time with her family, cooking and watching movies. Asha's family has included fish and a dog in the past and she loved the amazing experience and the unconditional love experienced with an animal, something which is very difficult to get from another human being.

Madison Donley

Operations Manager

Madison started with Bova Aus in 2013 and is the Operations Manager, a role that is crucial at Bova Aus, a company that strives to provide the highest quality veterinary compounding formulations to as many vets and patients in need in Australia. Madison is responsible for all Operations across the business. Her favourite part of her role, being the challenges and problem solving involved in continuous improvement of all systems and processes to ensure that Bova Aus remains an industry leader. She looks forward to what the future holds for Bova Aus as she leads many exciting projects and developments across IT, facilities, products and service.

Outside of work Madison enjoys skiing and snowboarding in winter, and in summer taking her puppy on walks at the dog beach. There is nothing she loves more than coming home after a rewarding day at work, to be greeted by her fluffy, tail wagging, Spoodle named Alby.

Brett Davidson

National Sales Manager

Brett is the National Sales Manager at Bova Aus and has been with Bova for over ten years. The best things about working for Bova for Brett is having a great team, who are motivated, hardworking, passionate and dedicated to helping clients. He also enjoys the relationships with clients, built over 10 years with all the vet clinics and helping them daily to solve concerns and finding ways to best medicate their sick patients.

Outside of work, Brett lives to cycle and spends his down time at the beach with his family. Brett has a British, Shorthair cat, called Charlie who basically just eats and sleeps, making him the perfect pet to fit in with his busy family.

Aaron Talbot

Human Resources Manager

Aaron is the Human Resources Manager at Bova Aus and started working for Bova at the beginning of 2019. The best thing about working for Bova for Aaron is the people, he feels lucky to work with the amazing people who make up the team, people who are dedicated to supporting Bova’s clients daily. Aaron also enjoys the many challenges and opportunities to learn and enhance his skills as presented to him in his role at Bova Aus.

Outside of work Aaron enjoys spending time with his amazing wife, they love going on long bushwalks together and spending time with their family and friends. Aaron has a dog named Toby and loves animals for the joy they bring to so many people’s lives.

Jade Hoffman

Laboratory and Administration Manager

Jade is Bova Aus’s very important Laboratory and Administration Manager who started at Bova at the end of 2013. Jade enjoys the fast-paced environment as well as the many challenges and problem solving involved in her role at Bova.

Outside of work, Jade likes to relax as much as possible; reading and doing brain puzzles as well as spending time with family. Whilst Jade does not have any pets at present, she loves being part of a plan to make them well again.

Jaimie Travers

Administration Supervisor

Jaimie is the Administration Supervisor at Bova Aus, her role is to manage the overall script flow to ensure that all scripts get into the lab on time. Jaimie started at Bova Aus in July 2019, as a Pharmacy Administration Assistant before being responsible for script printing.

Jaimie loves working with everyone at Bova Aus, especially the administration team who are all lovely and hardworking colleagues and make coming to work enjoyable and rewarding. Jaimie also loves that each and everyday, she is helping animals receive important medication.

Outside of work, Jaimie enjoys staying active by either going to the gym, taking the family dogs for a walk or playing team sports. Jaimie also enjoys beginning and ending the day reading if she has time. 

Jaimie has recently moved out of home and so has left the family dogs behind. Her family has two Cavoodles - Ozzy who is 11 and definitely starting to show his age and Kody who is 18 months old and loves to get up to all kinds of mischief. Eventually, Jaimie would love to have a dog of her own, as there is nothing better to Jaimie than coming home to the unconditional love of a pet.

Emily Szafranek

Laboratory Supervisor

Emily is Bova’s Laboratory Supervisor, responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the laboratories at Bova. Emily leads an ever-growing team of technicians with a variety of skill sets. She also plays a key role in managing the organisation’s procurement function, where she is responsible for sourcing ingredients for Bova's medications from a range of suppliers and manufactures.

Emily has been with Bova since July 2019. She is passionate about product development and enjoys the process of developing a new product from sourcing, through to compounding and production. This is a challenging, rewarding process wherein the result is an increased quality of life for animals across Australia.

Outside of work Emily enjoys keeping fit and active, playing sports and socialising with friends and family. Emily has grown up with two dogs (both Staffy's) and loves the joy that these animals are able to bring to a family and those around them.

Kim Blagojevic

Administration Training Supervisor

Kim has been working for Bova Aus for over seven years and is Bova’s very busy Administration Supervisor. Kim enjoys working for a successful family business and working with a great team of people.

Outside of work Kim likes catching up and socialising with friends and she loves running her Husky dog. Kim also has two Longhaired cats and two daughters, so there is a lot of hair! Her wish is for a robot vacuum cleaner!

Ejoon Cho


Ejoon or EJ as he is known at Bova Aus is a pharmacist and has been at Bova for two years. He finds working at Bova Aus offers endless opportunities to expand his expertise as a pharmacist.

EJ enjoys dining out on the weekends. While he does not have any pets, he thinks they are cute and innocent.

Melissa Pirani


Melissa is a pharmacist at Bova Aus and started in 2019. ‘One team, same dream,’ is the best thing about working at Bova for Melissa, that is the team environment and that everyone gives their best in their roles every day to provide medications to the animals that need them.

Outside of work, Melissa likes craft and sewing, she plays the flute and loves walking her dog, Ollie. Ollie is a King Charles Cavalier mix. When Melissa was younger her family kept cockatoos and she helped her dad hand-rear baby Major Mitchell cockatoos. Melissa describes herself as the one person, in a room full of people, that will find and greet the animals first, and after that the humans (but will usually hang with the dog all night!). Melissa loves animals and is so pleased that she gets to help them through her work every day.

Tony Quach


Tony is a Pharmacist at Bova Aus and has been working at Bova Aus since November 2019. The best thing about working for Bova Aus for Tony is knowing that he is making quality medical products for customers pets and animals.

Outside of work Tony enjoys camping, gardening, family time and being outdoors. Tony also has a 13 year old long hairs German Shepherd who likes to chill and go for short walks. Tony like animals for their complex nature and their response to people and that each and every animal is unique and has a place on this rock we call earth. 


Lana Shepherd

Key Account Manager

Lana started working for Bova Aus in 2015 and is one of Bova’s Key Account Managers. Lana’s role involves visiting clinics and meeting vets, nurses and practice managers who are passionate about their work treating animals. Lana also enjoys the opportunity to pet the patients in the waiting room on her visits.

When not travelling the country for work, Lana likes to travel for pleasure and loves spending time with family and friends. Lana has a rescue cat called Clyde and appreciates the different personalities and traits of all animals and their effect on humans that spark so much happiness.

Allison O'Neill

Key Account Manager

Allison is a Key Account Manager for Bova Aus and started in 2019. Allison has been involved in the Animal Health Industry for many years, but feel like she is learning something new every day at Bova. She loves that there are many solutions for the challenges in medicating animals, from both a dose rate and actual dosing perspective, which can make it a more pleasant experience for both vet, owner and patient.

Outside of work Allison loves catching up with friends and eating out, as well as training her Dressage horses. Apart from the horses, Allison has two Tenterfield Terriers who are full siblings from different litters. they are called Mojo and Minnie and are both so different in nature, but full of energy. Allison loves animals as they are all incredibly individual and have their own characters, no matter what the species.

Kylie Clarke

Key Account Manager

Kylie is the Queensland Key Account Manager who started working for Bova in March of 2021. Having only just started at Bova, Kylie has found everyone at Bova to be friendly and they made her feel incredibly welcome. Kylie has previously worked in a laboratory and is very impressed by the Bova Aus facility and the care and quality with which everything is produced.

Outside of work Kylie loves spending time with her family, they are very social and enjoy catching up with friends. Kylie has a passion for horses and has three horses with another on the way, shared with her daughters. Travelling is also high on the families priority list. Growing up in Northern NSW, which is where Kylie's love of animals began. Her family consists of two dogs, two cats, two rats, a blue tongue lizard, lots of fish and their three horses. Animals are not just animals, but part of Kylie's family. Their companionship, ideocracies and individuality, always puts a smile on her face.

Avril Woodstock

Marketing and Sales Associate

Avril is Bova Aus's Marketing & Sales Associate and started with Bova in February 2020. The best thing about working for Bova Aus for Avril is the great company culture and encouragement to grow professionally and develop her skills. Avril also enjoys the challenges and loves that her work is contributing to helping sick animals.  

Outside of work, Avril enjoys exploring new cafes and is always working on new start-up business projects to continually challenge herself and express her creativity.

Avril grew up with the most beautiful dog called Spot. They were inseparable. At one stage of her life Avril also had what felt like a million rabbits (much to her surprise one day). Currently Avril does not have any pets, but can’t wait to get a sausage dog one day. Avril loves how all animals have the own little personalities, and that their unconditional love brings so much joy to peoples lives.

Ella Beggs

Marketing and Sales Associate

Ella is a highly valued member of the Bova Aus team, she currently splits her time between three roles, as the Marketing and Sales Associate, a Pharmacist Administration Assistant and helps out in the Customer Resolutions Department.

Ella has worked for Bova Aus for over five years, starting as the first packing team member hired for the business while still at school. After graduating high school and starting university, studying Event Management, Ella worked as a Pharmacist Administration Assistant and her roles have continued to expand.

The best thing about working for Bova Aus for Ella is working with many amazing colleagues over the years, that now feel like family. Ella also likes helping families across Australia with treating their beloved animals.

Outside of work, Ella enjoys travelling, socialising with friends and family. Ella plays in team sports on the weekends and has taken an interest in film and Polaroid photos. Ella has grown up with a 12-year-old Cavoodle called Charlotte who is an adored family member and they all believe she may actually be human who loves life. Charlotte is good friends with the family rabbit called Lindt.


Adryon Zafra

Technical Officer

Adryon is the Technical Officer at Bova Aus and has been working at Bova since 2018. Adryon likes working at Bova as it pushes him out of his comfort zone, and it is very dynamic - no two days are ever the same and he never stops learning. He also likes the workplace culture and he finds helping provide aid to animals quite fulfilling.

Outside of work, Adryon likes being spontaneous, active and watching any sport that’s on television, but especially the AFL. Adryon has a Great Dane cross that he adopted from the RSPCA. His name is Charlie and Adryon loves that his energy brings happiness to everyone around him.

Emma Roberts

Quality Officer

Emma is a Quality Officer at Bova Aus and started at Bova in 2019. The people at Bova make it a great place for Emma to work; and being a newly created role at Bova; Emma enjoys being able to find creative ways to improve Bova’s quality systems.

Emma enjoys cooking, keeping fit with CrossFit, attending concerts, watching movies and Anime in her spare time. She daydreams about one day adopting a Greyhound or another dog who needs a mum to spoil them. Emma loves how intelligent and intriguing animals are in general; that is; how dogs can sense human emotions or how magpies and crows can recognise people.

Lauren Carson

Quality Officer

Lauren is a Quality Officer at Bova and has worked for Bova for six years. Lauren started at Bova as a lab technician making medication, before moving to the Quality Team. Lauren loves the company culture at Bova and the people make the commute from south of Sydney worthwhile. She also enjoys problem solving and working with the lab technicians to improve procedures and the quality of the Bova products.

Lauren likes to go to the beach in summer and ski in winter and spend time with friends and family when not at work. Lauren has the world's happiest Border Collie cross Poodle called Elie, who has lots of energy and loves to play.

Alex McEvoy

Financial Accountant

Alex is a Financial Accountant at Bova Aus and has been with Bova for almost five years. Alex studied Accounting at University and is happy for the opportunity to progress in his field of study at Bova. Alex enjoys working at Bova as it gives him the opportunity to align his career interests with his day-to-day tasks of consulting with management and various departments providing them with the key data they need to make informed decisions.

In is personal life, Alex likes travelling & photography, trying new foods and nightlife, as well as keeping on top of fitness and staying healthy - not to mention an up-and-coming table tennis prodigy!

Pam Smith


Pam is Bova Aus’s highly valued Bookeeper/Accounts Receivable and has been with Bova for eight years. The best thing about working for Bova for Pam is the very relaxed atmosphere.

When not at work, Pam is at the beck and call of her family and she has two dogs that are great company.

Melinda Taylor

Packing Supervisor / Junior Quality Officer

Melinda began working with Bova at the start of 2017 and helps in many areas of the business, in the Quality team, supervising the Packing team and she is one of Bova’s fastest script processers when the Admin team is swamped by scripts. Its lucky then; that Melinda likes the people at Bova and describes everyone as, ‘like a little family.’.

Outside of work Melinda likes to walk her dog, a Puglier (pug face and beagle body) called Bruce, go to the gym and hang out with friends on the weekend. Melinda also has two fish and two cat’s – Ice and Snowy.

Shareena Singh

Lab Training Supervisor

Shareena is the Lab Training Supervisor at Bova Aus. Shareena has worked for Bova Aus for 11 years and thrives in the fast pace of work and the amazing team she works with.

In her free time Shareena enjoys going to the cinema and she is a fantastic cook, often bringing in special treats for the Bova Aus team. Shareena thinks animals are beautiful, that they are always there for companionship, unconditional love and love in return.