Dosage forms

 Veterinary services and medications available include:


Medication Table

Dosage preparation forms include:



Capsule shells may be flavoured upon request


Creams and Ointments                           

Topical applications to deliver a variety of medications


Cytotoxic preparations                           

Bova has a dedicated, negative pressured laboratory for the preparations of cytotoxic medications. 

Cytotoxic medications are made every week, with different Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients scheduled for different days of the week.

Contact Bova for the scheduled days of each medication.


Ophthalmic preparations                         

Ophthalmic preparations are available in solutions, suspensions and ointments.


Oral solutions, suspensions & pastes  

The active ingredients in solutions are fully dissolved, with the concentration evenly distributed. A suspension is made when an active cannot be fully dissolved. The medication will need to be redistributed prior to medicating.


Otic Prepations                                        

Otic preparation are available in solutions, suspensions, ointments and pluronic gel (see below).


Poloxamer (Pluronic gel)                          

This product is a thermo-reversible slow-release gel, also known as poloxamer. This product is a liquid when cold, and a highly viscous gel when at room temperature (or when in contact with the patient's body).

Contact Bova for more information or to speak with a pharmacist.


Sterile Injectables                                     

Sterile injectable preparations are prepared in the clean room by trained technicians and pharmacists.



Tablets are available for a range of commonly used medications.

Contact Bova for more information.  


Transdermal preparations                         

Transdermal creams and gels are available for the delivery of many medications, and may be dispensed in pre-loaded syringes and ClickÚR'Dose applicators.