The BOVA Clinical Master’s Scholarship in Equine Veterinary Science

The Faculty of Veterinary Science is delighted to announce a wonderful new partnership with BOVA Compounding.  This partnership will help launch the career of a second Resident at Camden, who will be working towards becoming an Equine Veterinary Specialist, and who will commence with us in 2014.

Inspired by the work that we do in the Faculty, Mr Nick Bova, of BOVA Compounding, has generously offered to provide support for a dedicated Clinical Master’s Scholarship in Equine Veterinary Science, over three years.

Our equine unit at the University of Sydney is globally renowned for the quality of its research output and the services that it is able to offer to the equine industry.

Over time, our Faculty has worked closely with industry, particularly industries supporting the veterinary profession. We view this relationship between the University, industry partners and the profession as vitally important. The BOVA Scholarship is an outstanding example of just such a partnership.

Through such partnerships, we can directly involve industry partners in the process of developing the next generation of leaders within the profession. The research and clinical work undertaken by the successful BOVA Resident will address current issues involving horse health and performance and will impact on equine welfare internationally.  

The Bova Scholarship will be the only one of its kind at any Australian University. It is prestigious and will be highly sought-after, which will ensure that we secure an outstanding emerging young leader in the veterinary equine industry.

At the Faculty of Veterinary Science, our students benefit from the highest international standards of education in veterinary and animal science. We in the Faculty are inspired by the communities we serve; and inspired by their willingness to partner with us in research and teaching.

The University of Sydney is by any measure a remarkable institution. It has risen to its current stature on a powerful combination of public and private support.

If we are to remain world-class, then private partnership in our work, such as the BOVA Clinical Master’s Scholarship in Equine Veterinary Science, is becoming ever more vital.

The fact that companies such as BOVA Compounding understand that to be the case is both humbling and inspiring.