Polyglycan Testimonial

It's always good to hear success stories from vets about their patients. It is even better to hear these stories when they have used our services to help make this happen. See below a note written by Dr Natalie Slade of 4Paws Vet - Neutral Bay on the great results she is achieving using Polyglycan.

Dr Natalie Slade BVSc N8990

July 2014

I have been recommending and using the injectable product Polyglycan for osteoarthritis patients for approximately three months now and I have been very happy with the results achieved for my patients, particularly feline patients. I am using the injections either alone or in combination with other therapies such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, however I have found in most cases cats have shown a significant improvement with Polyglycan injections alone, with owners commenting on the dramatic improvements to their mobility, energy levels and comfort. I have also had several positive results in dogs, similar to those achieved with Pentosan Polysulfate injections. I would definitely recommend considering this treatment as an option for management of osteoarthritis treatment. I am yet to introduce its use in urinary cases or intra-articularly, but given the positive results and feedback we have had for our osteoarthritis cases I will definitely consider using  Polyglycan  for these purposes in our clinic in the future.