Introducing the New Bova Aus Facility

Over the past 12-months, we have been busy expanding and renovating the Bova Aus laboratory.
Through major renovations, we have doubled the laboratory space at the Bova Aus 850sqm facility. This has allowed us to expand and keep up with the enormous demand in veterinary compounding,
We are very proud of our renovated laboratory and premises and would like to share a video of the new and improved facility.
We care deeply for the wellbeing of all animals nationwide and we are confident that the expansion will allow us to provide for more animals across Australia with specialised medications. The upgrading of the Bova Aus facility will ensure that we can grow the team and install more equipment to improve on our already excellent quality standards.
At Bova Aus quality is core and the quality of a compounded medication is a vital component of a successful clinical outcome.
Please let us know what you think, you can send an email to or call one of our friendly admin team on 02 9525 3044
Thank you. The Bova Aus Team.