Thank you to the Pet's of Australia

Let's show some Gratitude to our Pet's for Helping Us through the Pandemic!

It seems there are some unlikely hero's that have helped Australian's navigate lock-down and COVID-19 - their pet's!

For those lucky enough to have a furry friend, or otherwise already, they were able to take advantage of their pet's companionship to avoid feelings of loneliness during the period of self isolation. Research shows that pets, particularly cats and dogs, can reduce emotional pressure, anxiety and depression. A four-legged friend had other benefits too, including exercise when walking a dog and encouraged owners to get out into the sunshine for a dose of vitamin D and a chance to wave at the neighbours when COVID restrictions were introduced.

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald on the 26th of April quoted figures from the RSPCA in Victoria that showed adoption applications to be up by 45% compared to the same time last season and RSPCA NSW was "inundated" with calls during the COVID period. Nationally also noted a doubling in adoptions for a one month period at the height of the crisis.

It seems that our animals have benefited us all at this time and thankfully veterinarians and their staff were all deemed to be essential workers to maintain their care during these unprecedented times. The staff at Bova Aus were also lucky enough to be able to continue to provide medication for animals to continue treatment. But it is to our pets that we should be the most grateful for their unconditional love and companionship as we not just navigate a pandemic but for every day we have with them.