Nick Bova & Bova Australia

Colin Bova first opened retail pharmacy doors in 1968 in the small beachside suburb of Cronulla in NSW Australia. Due to a hard work ethic and service excellence the business thrived and eventually settled in Caringbah of NSW.

In 2008, Nick Bova, the youngest of Colin and Patricia's five children and a fresh-faced pharmacy graduate took over the family business. Inheriting the family passion for business, Nick looked outside of the box to offer something else to their loyal customers and a compounding service was introduced to the business. In addition to servicing local doctors, the business offered its service to the veterinary market.

Over the next few years, countless hours were spent researching, studying and training in the fine art of compounding. The business continued to grow and, in 2010 the retail pharmacy separated. Bova Compounding emerged as one of Australia's few stand-alone compounding facilities.

By 2016, the business had grown to be the largest veterinary compounder in the country servicing thousands of veterinarians throughout Australia.

2017 saw a new era for the business; where given the success of veterinary compounding in Australia, Nick saw potential in the United Kingdom and has since launched Bova UK.

Today, Bova Aus considers its facility to be a world-class establishment with over 120 employees nationally and 199 globally, of pharmacists, veterinary medicine specialists, consultants, key account managers, laboratory technicians and a customer service team.

The facilities at Bova Aus include segregated laboratories and over 30 work stations in the lab specially designed to produce a wide array of medications. This includes both sterile and cytotoxic production suites that are certified by independent contractors.

Still proudly an Australian and family-owned business; Bova Aus specialises in veterinary compounding. Nick Bova and the team at Bova Aus are committed to providing tailor-made medications of the highest quality standard to improve your animals’ health and well being.